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Surrogacy Costs

This page contains information about surrogacy costs.



Agency fee includes couple counseling and background check; recruitment of gestational surrogate carrier; couple/surrogate matching; psychological assessment of surrogate, including clinical interview and administration of MMPI-2 test; background check of surrogate by licensed private investigators; home visit of surrogate's residence; joint mediated meeting between couple and surrogate; doctor references upon request; ongoing mediation and coordination throughout arrangement; and coordination of birth arrangements with delivery hospital. THE AGENCY FEE ALSO INCLUDES ATTORNEY PREPARED CONTRACT BETWEEN COUPLE AND SURROGATE, ATTORNEY CONSULTATION WITH COUPLE TO REVIEW THE CONTRACT, AND ATTORNEY REVIEW OF SURROGATE'S HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY.



$1,250 est

INTERNATIONAL FEE (non-U.S. citizens/residents)


SURROGATE COSTS               



First Time Carrier’s fee:                                                    (experienced surrogates are paid more)             


Maternity clothes allowance

$500 - $750

Pre-Birth Order or Court Approval of Contract (Agency Attorney offers discounted rate of $1,950 plus court costs to SSA clients)

$1,950 - $3,500 est.

Legal Review for carrier

$500 - $700 est.

Life insurance, est.


Additional cost to consider:
Cost of repeated attempts, including medical expenses, carrier fees, travel, etc.; maternity, well baby care or insurance co pays, medical insurance for the carrier if she does not currently have insurance

INDEPENDENT ARRANGEMENTS includes legal and counseling services)
  a) Known donor (includes counseling, legal, and back up insurance policy on donor)


  b) Known carrier:

          * Contract (Provided by Law Offices of Gregory E. Stern)


Ongoing counseling, support, escrow management, support groups, coordination


          * Counseling with all parties                                  


          * Psychological Assessment For Carrier    

            Home visit                            



          * Psychological Assessment For Couple                               


          * Full Written Report For Physician's Office                            


          * Background Checks                              

$250.00 per person


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