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 is the oldest and most experienced third party reproductive agency in the Southwest.  Husband and wife founders, Greg and Kathy Stern, have personal experience in infertility and third party reproduction.  This combination of personal and professional experience assures couples, surrogates, and egg donors quality service in every step of their arrangements.

 is not a "broker service", but rather a personalized matching service.  Because the staff maintains contact on a regular basis with all parties throughout the assisted reproductive  process, the program has a high percentage of repeat egg donors and surrogates, as well as return clients.


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As a result of personal experience, the SSA staff is unusually sensitive to the emotional issues associated with infertility.  That is why at SSA, the focus is first, last and always on the comfort and emotional welfare of its clients and their families.  Support and counseling are offered throughout the entire process to assure Happy Endings For All.

Always Wishing You The Best . Executive Directors Greg and Kathy Stern