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For Prospective Donors

It is a very special woman who desires to help a couple achieve their dream of a child. It takes a real commitment and devotion of time and caring. Although a donor is compensated for her time and service, there is usually more than a monetary motivation to her wish to donate. It is a very loving, caring woman who chooses to offer this gift.

While we realize that it is a loving woman who wishes to help in this way, it is important that the choice to donate is an appropriate choice for the donor. Appropriate motivation and emotional readiness will be assessed during the screening process. At SSA, we only want the best for all involved.

Couples receive counseling from the SSA counselor either in person or by phone. They understand that there is no "perfect donor." However, it is important to the couple that they feel confident the perspective donor they select is committed to the process. Couples usually choose their donor based on similar physical characteristics, likes, interests and talents, or education of the intended mother.

The staff at SSA stays involved with the donor throughout the process. We do not act as a "broker" type service whereby you are matched with the couple, sent to the doctor, and then you do not communicate with us again. We ask that you call in after each visit and keep us informed on how you are doing and feeling.

Three or four times a year we hold a special party or luncheon for all donors who are or who have recently been in cycles. This is not a mandatory participation, but is offered for those who would like to participate. It offers donors and surrogates a chance to meet with others.

The first step is to contact the office to speak with a counselor and receive further information. You will set an appointment to come in for an application process, an interview, and to take your psychological assessment. You will be asked to bring the following:

As in all of our arrangements, your comfort and care is of the utmost importance to us. For further information, please contact the office:

For a donor to be accepted in the program, she must: 

Additional information: