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Registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we follow all FDA screening protocols for gestational surrogacy and egg donor arrangements in Houston TX. Our in-house team of professionals means improved coordination and lower cost for your gestational surrogacy or egg donation in Houston TX. This avoids the delays and confusion that often arise with other surrogacy agencies and egg donor agencies in Houston TX that are forced to refer clients and their surrogate mother and/or egg donor to outside professionals.

As one of the leading surrogacy agency and egg donor agency in Houston, TX U.S., SSA/Parenting Options has a strong working relationship with many of the top IVF clinics in the country and references are available upon request. SSA/PARENTING OPTIONS - THE QUALITY YOU DESERVE. THE PROTECTION YOU NEED

When a couple is seeking an egg donor, the physical characteristics and/or talents of the wife are reviewed. The importance of each characteristic or talent of a potential donor is discussed with the couple, and is taken into consideration by SSA in the matching process.

SSA maintains an active list of available potential donors, but will also conduct special searches when appropriate.