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Although egg donor arrangements are typically anonymous, the couple is very involved in the selection process. First the couple will discuss with the counselor the donor process. They will also discuss their emotional readiness for this process. During the meeting, the counselor will answer all of the couple's questions regarding the emotional issues, the process, and the financial aspects.

When the couple is ready, they will begin the selection process. They will make their selection by reviewing a biographical background of the donor they are interested in. This information includes:

  • Health history with a genetic background
  • List of her hobbies, interests and talents, education
  • Physical description
  • Picture of the donor and pictures from her childhood
  • Letter from the donor

Although the counselor will assist in the selection, couples are always involved in the selection process and have the final choice.

Here's some additional information about the IVF process and the egg donation costs:

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