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Surrogacy Specialists of America
Class teaches women how to conceive naturally
July 18, 2006
By Chau Nguyen / 11 News

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Medical advances like in vitro fertilization promise pregnancy for couples having trouble conceiving, but in west Houston one woman is teaching some women they may be able to it the natural way.

It’s a mind body class where conception is the goal, many clients are seeing results.

It’s self-help with a purpose.

“It’s not about selfish,” Kathy Stern said. “It’s about self-care. it is the essence.”

But that’s just the half of it. Stern is teaching the women, all married, how to get pregnant.

“Of course I hope that everybody who wants to have a baby can have a baby,”  Stern said. “That’s my goal in every aspect of my work.”

Stern, who runs a fertility clinic day, night offers a mind body class at night. The premise here is better your mind and your body, and the rest will come naturally.

The body part is relaxing and stretching.

The mind part is visualizing.

It’s relaxing for Tammy Dennis, but it’s also, emotional.

She’s been trying to get pregnant for more than a year.

“I find myself blaming myself, blaming outside factors -- just placing a lot of blame where it really doesn’t need to be,” she said.

“Half the battle is getting pregnant,” Dena Hanks said.

Hanks miscarried last year and has had no success getting pregnant again — at least so far.

“Actually I have the attitude that it will absolutely come,” Hanks said.

And it likely will.

Of the 15 classes Stern has taught, just about every client has had a baby.

“I mean I would like to say it’s wonderful class,” Stern said. “It’s as much as they take the tools they learn, and they apply it.”

They are women who are hopeful their time will come, mind and body style.