Egg Donation Costs

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Egg Donation Costs

This page contains information about the egg donation costs.

Application Fee:
(includes one 90 minute in person counseling/consultation or one hour phone consult and access to the full donor database)

Parenting Options Service Fee:
(includes advertisement, recruitment, personalized matching service, mediation, escrow management of donor's fee, releases, case management and coordination)



First Time Donor Fee
Gas, Tolls, Parking, Missed Time From Work

$ 500

Experienced Donor Premium

$1000 to $3000 

Psychological Testing

* a shared cost paid each time donor is matched

$ 250 

Intent Contract Fee

Donor Legal Counsult Fee                     



Recipient Legal Consult

$175- 250

Donor / recipient accidental insurance and processing fee $550

CF Prescreening Test

Additional Testing

* a shared cost paid each time donor is matched



Flower service fee: Delivered from recipients (anonymously) on day of retrieval  
    * Standard $65
    * Premium $95
   a) Known donor (includes back up insurance policy on donor and intent contract) $1550
   b) Known carrier:  
         * Counseling $ 250 - $325
         * Additional coordinating fees for egg donor/carrier:  
               * if donor is known or arranged by Parenting Options No Charge to $500
               * if donor is anonymous $1000


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