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For Intended Parents

The first step for the couple is the consultation visit. During that visit the counselor will address all of their questions and concerns. The counselor will also discuss the emotional and psychological aspects of a surrogate arrangement.

Once the couple decides to go forward, SSA will conduct a criminal/civil background and credit check.

The counselor will help the couple decide what is important to them in an arrangement. Important questions will be asked in order to assure a quality match with an appropriate surrogate. Matches are primarily based on similar philosophies and values of the couple and the surrogate, but personality plays an important role in the match.

When a match is ready to be made, the counselor will contact the couple. She will go over the complete application of the surrogate applicant with the couple. Together the couple and counselor will decide if this is a good potential match.

The counselor will then arrange the first meeting between the couple and surrogate. This meeting is held at the SSA office and is a mediated meeting.

Additional information for Intended Parents: