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SSA / Parenting Options Is Unique Because:


PROVEN TRACK RECORD: SSA/Parenting Options is one of the oldest and largest surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the U.S. Since 1993, our friendly and caring staff of licensed mental health professionals and attorneys has helped build families for couples and singles experiencing infertility.

FULL SERVICE AGENCY: We are a full service agency with an in-house staff of professionals able to provide all matching, counseling, mediation, and legal services required in an assisted reproduction arrangement.  This team of licensed professionals working together on your behalf means improved coordination and lower cost for your arrangement. It also avoids delays and confusion that often arise with other agencies that are forced to refer participants to outside service providers.

ONLINE MIND/BODY PROGRAM: SSA/Parenting Options offers a ground breaking mind/body wellness program to reduce stress and improve your chances of becoming pregnant. Trained at the Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute, our Director of Counseling has custom designed this unique on-line wellness program for infertility patients and it is available free of charge to clients and their egg donors and/or surrogates.

FDA REGISTERED:  Registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we follow all FDA screening protocols for surrogate and donor arrangements. Registration is not mandatory for surrogate/egg donor agencies, but we volunteered to register for oversight and inspection because we feel it is one more way to offer our clients assurance that their arrangement will meet the highest professional and ethical standards.

ASRM/SART APPROVED: SSA/Parenting Options follows all guidelines issued by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology and has been approved by both as an egg donor agency.

INSURED ESCROW ACCOUNTS: Client escrow funds are never mixed with agency funds and we maintain all client escrow funds in segregated federally insured escrow accounts for your protection.

SPECIALIZED EXPERTISE: SSA/Parenting Options counselors focus their practice on infertility and receive specialized advanced training in the field, making them among the most experienced infertility practitioners in the country. Our counselors provide ongoing guidance throughout each arrangement, to reduce stress and improve the quality of the experience for the participants.

WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH TOP IVF CLINICS: SSA/Parenting Options has a strong working relationship with many of the top IVF clinics in the U.S. and references are available upon request.


Every match between intended parents and their surrogate is custom designed to take advantage of the most favorable state surrogacy laws available. SSA recruits surrogates from states with enforceable court approved contracts, offering protection for all participants. Your SSA staff attorney will guide you through the legal process, from drafting the surrogacy contract to obtaining court recognition of your parental status. In SSA arrangements, the intended parents are placed directly onto their child's birth certificate, even if egg or sperm donors are involved, without the need for an adoption. SSA arrangements are carefully structured to eliminate the legal uncertainty in surrogacy arrangements, resulting in peace of mind for both intended parents and surrogates.


USE YOUR OWN DOCTOR: SSA/Parenting Options works with clients and IVF clinics from all over the U.S. and you will be able to continue to use your local IVF physician for medical treatment. We have offices in Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver and Miami, but Skype videoconference meetings are available for clients who are not convenient to one of our offices.

INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS: International clients face a unique set of issues in surrogate arrangements, including health insurance for their child after his or her birth, obtaining U.S. birth certificates and passports, and recognition of the citizenship of the child by their home country. This requires a level of expertise beyond most agencies. With significant experience working with clients from all over the world, including Mexico, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia and Latin America, SSA/Parenting Options professionals guide our foreign clients through the complexities of an international arrangement.


No wait for pre-screened egg donors and surrogates. We have an on-line database so you can choose your donor or surrogate in the comfort of your home after you've met with your agency counselor. SSA/Parenting Options has an unusually high percentage of repeat egg donors and surrogates, as well as return clients, because of the treatment they receive.

Q.  How long have you been in business?
A.  Founded in 1993, SSA/Parenting Options is one of the oldest agencies in the U.S. and has a proven track record of success.  We also work with and can provide references from some of the top IVF doctors and clinics in the country.

Q. Does your owner/operator or director answer to any type of state ethics board?
A.  SSA/Parenting Options is owned and operated by an Attorney and a Licensed Professional Counselor. The staff counselors are also licensed mental health professionals who answer to state ethics boards. There are no licensing requirements for surrogate/egg donor agencies, so your best protection is to choose to work with an agency run by licensed professionals.

Q. Do you mix the surrogate/donor's fee with company funds?
A.  Never. At SSA/Parenting Options, all escrow funds are maintained in segregated federally insured bank accounts. Escrow accounts are managed by Southwest Fertility Escrows, LLC, a Texas company whose only activities are escrow management.

Q. Are there some hidden costs that you have not explained? Is the estimate your cost only, or does it include the donor/surrogate's fees, legal, psychological screening and medical?
A.  Our cost estimates include fees payable to your donor and/or surrogate, and reasonable average legal, psychological and medical costs. These estimates are based on our experience and are intended to inform you as to what to expect as far as the cost of an average arrangement. Many agencies provide inaccurate or incomplete cost estimates. We encourage you to add up their various fees and check with outside service providers so that you will be well informed as to the financial cost of your arrangement.

Q. Who will be coordinating or handling our arrangement once we are matched?  How much ongoing counseling and coordinating does the agency offer throughout the arrangement?
A. Many agencies are operated by individuals whose only experience in the field is having been a surrogate or egg donor. This does not qualify them to handle the many emotional and legal issues involved in an arrangement. At SSA/Parenting Options, your licensed staff counselor will coordinate and provide ongoing counseling throughout your arrangement.

Q. Have you ever been sued? If so, for what, was the outcome?
A.  SSA/Parenting options has never been sued.

Q. Have you ever owned a previous business that filed bankruptcy?
A.  No. SSA/Parenting Options has no predecessor businesses that have ever filed bankruptcy.

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